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News Release: OHPS Earns Prestigious State Auditor's Stewardship Award

Posted Date: 3/26/24 (6:20 PM)

Oak Harbor Public Schools received the prestigious State Auditor’s Stewardship Award, which was presented by State Auditor Pat McCarthy during the regular school board meeting on Monday, March 25, 2024. The award honors public entities for outstanding stewardship and responsible management of public funds. 

“This award reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire Business Services team, who continually strive to uphold the highest standards of fiscal accountability on behalf of the Oak Harbor students and community,” said Superintendent Dr. Michelle Kuss-Cybula. 

Oak Harbor Public Schools received the award for their record of clean annual audits, model reporting and transparency in budget decisions.

“School finances are complex, so transparency in budgeting requires clear documentation of how decisions were made. Oak Harbor School District staff made being transparent a priority, so much so that we referred to their documentation as a model case in our work with other school districts,” said State Auditor Pat McCarthy. “We wanted to recognize their dedication to accountability with this award.”

The following employees from the Oak Harbor Public Schools Business Services Department were honored for their tremendous work and service to the community:
  • Amber Porter, Chief Financial Officer
  • Vicki Williams, Former Executive Director of Business Services
  • Michele Laiblin, Fiscal Services Supervisor 
  • Auvie Astorga, Payroll
  • Kristi Coffey, Payroll
  • Heidi Macaluso, Payroll
  • Rachel Frankwich, Accounts Receivable
  • Michele Leslie, Accounts Payable
  • Coleman Wilson, Accounts Payable

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