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Bussing Communication

Bussing Communication

We pride ourselves on providing timely and pertinent communication to our families regarding transportation. Over the years, we have enhanced many of our programs to keep our families in the know. We have outlined the following primary modes of communication you can expect from our transportation team. 

  • Text Message - Characters are limited, but in the event we need to notify you of a delay, this method will be used. 
  • Email/Mobile App - We rarely use email, but if we need to explain a situation in more detail, this is the preferred method. Email will usually coincide with a text message. 
  • Websites - For emergencies or significant delays, an alert will be added to our websites. 
  • Social Media - We sometimes use social media to indicate an emergency or a significant delay in addition to other methods listed above.
  • Phone Calls - Only used when your child was involved in a bus incident.

During an emergency, our team is busy communicating with district personnel, bus drivers, and possibly emergency responders. Please refrain from contacting the transportation department if possible. Once we have information to share we will use our communication tools previously listed. 

Bus Delays

We have the best transportation team. Yet sometimes our buses are delayed for a variety of reasons.  When there is a short delay of 15 minutes or more, we will communicate directly with you via text message. It’s important to make sure your Skyward Family Access account is updated with the correct information.

In the event of significant delays of 45 minutes or longer, our team may communicate with you via text message, email, our website, or social media. We have limited characters we can use over text messages so a long email with a full explanation may be sent. 

In some cases, you may receive a phone call from our schools or our transportation team. 

Bus Incidents or Emergencies

In the event of an emergency on a school bus, parents will receive communication via text message or email depending on the severity of the situation. In addition, direct phone calls will be issued to provide as much information as we have at the time.  

As a reminder, if any of our buses are involved in an accident, regardless of the impact, each student will be examined on-site by an emergency responder. Depending on the situation, a second bus may pick up the students and complete the route. Examining each student or the possibility of using a second bus will cause further delays in your student’s drop-off time. Please be patient as we work to return your child to their destination as safely as possible.