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Door Intercom Safety Enhancement

Door Intercom Safety Enhancement

Safety continues to be a top priority for Oak Harbor Public Schools.  Schools across the district will be piloting a new door-locking system and related procedures during the 2023-2024 school year. The safety enhancement is being piloted first at Olympic View Elementary and Oak Harbor Intermediate and is intended to provide an additional layer of safety for students and staff. The webpage shares more about the rollout and implementation of this new system and what families and the community can expect when they arrive at our schools. 

How it Works

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When you arrive at one our schools piloting the program after school begins, you will need to be buzzed in to be able to enter the school through the front door. You will see a device with a button and a camera near the front door entrance, you will then press the button the device, which will alert our front office staff that someone needs to be let into the building. Visitors should prepare to state their name and purpose for visiting when they arrive. Once you are buzzed in, you will proceed to the front office to be checked in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The safety enhancement to our front door is intended to provide an additional layer of safety for our students and staff.  Based on feedback from families, Oak Harbor Public Schools continued to prioritize these safety enhancements despite continued budget constraints and the recent bond failure.

  • No, Olympic View and Oak Harbor Intermediate Schools will have the doors unlocked before school starts. OVE will keep doors locked once school starts and unlock again the next day. OHI will lock doors when school begins and will unlock the doors briefly at the end of the school day.

  • After dismissal, students can be picked up at the designated pick-up locations. If you need to enter the building at OVE, you will need to be buzzed in after school. OHI will have doors unlocked for twenty minutes after school ends for anyone who needs to enter the building.

  • Anyone who is not a staff member will need to be buzzed in to enter the building after school begins.

  • Due to our continued budget constraints on public schools and the failure of our most recent bond, OHPS will only be able to provide these upgrades one building at a time as we are able to have funds available. We hope to provide an update on when this can be rolled out to other buildings soon.

  • No, staff members will be provided with a key card to get into the building during school hours without being buzzed in.