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College Partner Programs

College Partner Programs

Imagine the workplace our students will one day join. In order to help them be successful in a dynamic and global environment, our teachers and staff are committed to offering students opportunities that will prepare them for what lies ahead. Here are a few of the advanced learning options they can pursue at Oak Harbor High School.

Running Start 

Oak Harbor High students have the opportunity to do coursework with Skagit Valley College and earn college credit. 

College in the High School

A number of courses at Oak Harbor High School are offered for Central Washington University credit. This enables our students to get a jump start on college without ever leaving the high school campus.  

Advanced Placement Program 

Oak Harbor High has a well-established Advanced Placement Program with more than a dozen courses to choose from. The program allows students to bypass lower-level courses and earn credits at some colleges with a passing score on the AP exam. 

College Dual Credit

Students stay on the Oak Harbor High School campus and earn college credit for Skagit Valley College vocational courses upon completion of the high school course with a grade of “B” or better. 

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