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Inhaler & Epi-Pen Use

Inhaler & Epi-Pen Use

For students who self-carry and administer asthma inhalers or EpiPen injectors

Oak Harbor Public Schools places the health and safety of students as its highest priority. The District grants permission for students to carry and self-administer medication to treat asthma or anaphylaxis if:

  1. A Licensed Health Practitioner prescribed the medication for use by the student during school hours and instructed the student in the correct and responsible use of the medication.
  2. The student has demonstrated to the health care practitioner or his/her designee, and a professional registered nurse at the school, the skill level necessary to use the medication and any device that is necessary to administer the medication as prescribed.
  3. The health care practitioner formulates a written treatment plan for managing asthma or anaphylaxis episodes of the student and for medication use by the student during school hours.
  4. The student's parent or guardian has completed and signed their portion of the Authorization for Administration of Medication at school, has completed information specific to carrying and self-administration inhalers and Epi-pens, recognizing that the District will not monitor the student's usage, and submitted documentation noted in parts (a), (b), and (c).

If requested, the school nurse can assist students with the correct technique in inhaler and Epi-pen use.

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