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Alternative Learning

Alternative Learning

At Oak Harbor Public Schools, we want every student to reach their full potential. We recognize that students may have different learning needs. Because of this, we offer alternative learning options aimed at helping students thrive in an environment that is best for them and their families.

Midway High School

Midway High School is an alternative learning extension of Oak Harbor High School. The program is designed to provide educational options for students who are struggling with the traditional school environment. The program offers a blend of technology-based courses and small-size classroom courses to provide more flexibility and more one-on-one contact with the instructors. The program currently includes about 100 part-time and full-time high school students. Contact Oak Harbor High School’s Counseling & Career Center for more information

iGrad Academy

In 2014, Oak Harbor Schools initiated a program called iGrad Academy to help locate at-risk students who have either stopped coming to school or had other mitigating factors that precluded them from attending. Through this re-engagement program, students are offered ways to return to school and become successful or earn their diplomas through online learning. iGrad Academy is offered in partnership with an organization called Graduation Alliance. Resources offered to at-risk students include a teaching mentor and technology so they can participate in online learning to meet graduation requirements. Contact Oak Harbor High School’s Counseling & Career Center for more information

Oak Harbor Virtual Academy

Oak Harbor Virtual Academy (OHVA) is a web-based educational program. The program provides instructor-led online courses to students. All instructors have valid state certifications in their subject areas. OHVA presents students with an interactive learning experience, not a textbook online. All OHVA curriculum mirrors the scope and sequence of content taught in Oak Harbor Public Schools. 

Online learning offers a unique experience and certain flexibility that is not available in a traditional classroom. While the online environment is a great alternative for some students, it is important to ensure it will be a good fit for you, your child, and their style of learning, and that it can fit well with other commitments.

Because the state considers online learning an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE), students have many more responsibilities than they would in a regular classroom learning experience. Rules, which call for weekly progress and contact from each student in every course, help ensure that students are set up to succeed in the alternative environment.

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Advanced Learning Options

Oak Harbor Public Schools also offers college partner programs and advanced learning options.

College Partner Programs

Advanced Learning & Highly Capable Program


HomeConnection started in 1998 as an Oak Harbor Public Schools program to support parents who homeschool their students. Families may contact or visit HomeConnection with questions about potential enrollment. The first step is an initial visit with the HomeConnection principal after filling out an interest form. Admission is dependent on successfully schooling at home (excluding Kindergarten). There must be evidence of the ability, knowledge, and skills to successfully school at home, before enrollment.   

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Exceptional Academy

Oak Harbor Public School’s Exceptional Academy is a transitional program designed for students who experience exceptionalities. The academy prepares students for adult life after they graduate with a focus on independent living, vocational support, and community engagement.

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