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Educational Therapy Services

Educational Therapy Services

Occupational and Physical Therapists

Occupational and physical therapists use their unique expertise to help children prepare for and perform important learning and school related activities in order to fulfill their role as students.  Students must be eligible for special education by meeting the following criteria: (1) a child has a documented disability; (2) there is an adverse educational impact on the student's ability to progress in the general education curriculum; and (3) is in need of specially designed instruction by an occupational and/or physical therapists in the area(s) of Fine and Gross Motor Skills

School Psychologists

School psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  They collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school. School psychologists provide services such as consultation, evaluation, intervention and prevention.

Speech & Language Pathologists

Speech & Language Pathologists (SLPs) work to assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, and cognitive-communication disorders.  Students may be considered to have a communication disorder if there is a documented speech or language impairment which adversely affects a student’s educational performance and requires specially designed instruction. This includes language delays, stuttering, voice disorders, and articulation development problems.

Extended School Year (ESY) 

ESY services are special education and related services that are provided to a special education student beyond the normal school year (180 days).  An extended-year program is provided in accordance with the Individual Educational Program (IEP) and is provided at no cost to the parent or student.  ESY services must be provided only if a student's IEP team determines, on an individual basis, that the services are necessary for the provision of a free, appropriate public education to the student. It must also be noted that every child with a disability is not entitled to extended school-year services.

For information on Oak Harbor School District  ESY guidelines, please speak to your child's case manager.

Related Services

Related services are supportive services that allow a student to benefit from special education. Related services may include:

  • Classified staff services
  • Psychological services
  • School health services
  • Transportation

Other developmental, corrective, preventative, or supportive services are allowed if they are required to assist the special education student to benefit from special education. Any necessary related services, supplementary aids and services, and program modifications or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the student must be listed on the IEP.