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Multilingual Learners

Transitional Bilingual Education Program

Transitional Bilingual Education is provided to students who require assistance in obtaining skills in English language. Students from kindergarten through high school receive educational support.  Programs may be offered before and after school.

A student who meets the following two conditions is eligible for the Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program: 

  • The primary language of the student is other than English;
  •  and The student's English skills impact the student’s access to core/ content instruction. Washington State defines “primary language” as the language most often used by a student (not necessarily by parents, guardians, or others) for communication in the student's place of residence or the language that the student first learned.

The state Transitional Bilingual Education Program (TBIP) and federal Title III address the unique needs of eligible students, who come from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. Both programs share the same goal: to develop language proficiency that enables meaningful access to grade-level curricula and instruction. 

Learn More About Migrant and Multilingual Education

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