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Strategic Plan

The Oak Harbor Public Schools Journey to Student Success Strategic Planning 2023-2024 Together We Can

Your Voice Matters

This school year the Oak Harbor Public Schools launched a community-wide initiative to build the roadmap to success and vision as #OneOakHarbor. The Strategic Plan will drive the district’s vision, goals, initiatives, and strategies to ensure every student has what they need to succeed in Oak Harbor Public Schools.

There are multiple opportunities for students, families, staff, and community members to share their perspectives and provide input to the vision of Oak Harbor Public Schools. The goal is to hear from as many diverse perspectives as possible to ensure the Strategic Plan is grounded in the voices of the #OneOakHarbor community and responsive to the ever-changing needs within our schools and our community.

Listening & Learning

On November 8 and 9, we hosted listening sessions in person and online. On November 14 a survey was also sent to families, students, and staff. Feedback from these sessions and surveys will be used to develop our district-wide vision and core values. This will set the foundation for our work with the strategic plan. 

Instructional Planning Team - Strategy Selection

In February and March, educators from across our district met to create the strategies for the strategic plan that will shape our work and priorities for the next five to ten years.

Stay informed about the process. Keep up-to-date with committee work and progress. Send your questions or feedback at any time to


Strategic Planning Updates


Community Core Strategic Planning Committee

The purpose of the Community Core Strategic Planning Committee is to collaboratively listen to the perspectives of Oak Harbor students, staff, families, board members, and community members to drive the roadmap to success and vision for Oak Harbor Public Schools. This committee includes more than 70 volunteer representatives who meet once a month during the 2023-2024 school year. 

The District Leadership Team (DLT) is a team of 10 administrative staff who also serve on the Community Core Strategic Planning Committee. The role of the DLT is to synthesize the information shared by stakeholders and draft the vision and organizational values statement.

The Instructional Planning Team (IPT) is composed of members of the Core Planning Team and DLT who are educators.

Members: Callum Mannion (Student), Jane Lopez-Santillana (Community), Patsy Ramirez (District Staff), Terri Frostad-Mebane (Staff), Jessie Gunn (Community), Julie Regh (Staff), Jovilin Grunewald (Staff), Jack Schwab (Parent), Katrina Riippa (School Admin), Kennedy Carlson (Student), Sabrina Cray (Student), Millicent Goebel (Staff), Liz Ritz (District Admin), Shane Hoffmire (Community), Laura Fortin (Staff), Gwen Schurr (Staff), Frank Kwan (Community), Robert Durlacher (Parent), Bob Hallahan (Board Member), Allie Hanford (Parent), Ava Frazier (Student), Craig Mckenzie (Community), Keith Snavely (Staff), Emily Couch (District Staff), Aisha Mayfield (Parent), Michele Leslie (Staff), Christina Merritt (School Admin), Sabrina Combs (Community), Lynn Goebel (Board Member), Emily Murphy (student), Josiah Villano (Student), Sara Lucero (School Admin), Heather Chaszar (Staff), Kelly Moses (Staff), Preston Merritt (Community), Kristina Wicke (Staff), Jeremy Merrill (Parent), Tyler Starkovich (District Admin Staff), Sharon Jensen (Board Member), Michelle Wilson (Community), Maggie Litvachuk (Student), Derek King (Parent), Dwight Lundstrom (District Admin), Nevada Van Natter (Staff), Stephen Keck (Staff), Amanda Reed (Staff), Lyn Whitley (Community), Marisa Croucher (Staff), Nicole Barone (Community), Jackie Moore (Parent), Morgan Partridge (Student), Veronica Litvachuk (Parent), Carlene Ogren (Staff), Samantha Horrobin (Parent), Jenny Hunt (School Admin), Dave Paul (Community), Sarah Foy (District Admin), Patrizia Tang (Staff), Nicole Tesch (Board Member), Emma Ritter (Student), Nate Salisbury (School Admin), Matthew Black (Staff), Jay Cochran (Community), Samiee Trejo (Parent), Lisa Jones (District Staff), Brooke Turcohambly (Community), Shane Cardon (Parent), Jessica Aws (Board Member), Jerrick Matthews (student), Joseph Matthews (Parent), Serafi (Junior) Purcell, Michelle Kuss Cybula (District Admin), Jaime Thompson (Community), Mike Fisher (Staff), Samantha Jones (Staff), John Chaszar (Community), Yana Acebo (Parent), Mariah Spear (Staff), Anthony Szot (Staff)