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Alumni Spotlights

alumni spotlight

We want to feature YOUR story! What have you been up to since attending Oak Harbor Public Schools? Big move? Cool job? Fun adventures? Supporting your local community? Your success is our success! Submit your story in our form below or email us at with your name, graduating class, and details.

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Alumni Features

Kristofer MedinaKristofer Medina
Class of 2015

Read Kristofer's Story

Bryn LangrockBryn Langrock
Class of 2017

Read Bryn's Story

OHI Featured SpotlightOak Harbor Intermediate School Staff
Class of ‘78 and Beyond

Read OHI's Stories

Nicole Mowbray SpotlightNicole Mowbray
Class of 2010

Read Nicole's Story

Kimberly Schmal SpotlightKimberly Schmal
Class of 2003

Read Kimberly's Story

Anna Woods SpotlightAnna Woods
Class of 2016

Read Anna's Story

Ver Starr Alumni SpotlightVer Starr
Class of 2010

Read Ver's Story

Marc Watson Alumni SpotlightMarc Watson
Class of 2003

Read Marc's Story

Tyler Penney Alumni SpotlightTyler Penney
Class of 2018

Read Tyler's Story

Lori Stahl Alumni SpotlightLori Stahl (Struthers)
Class of 1991

Read Lori's Story

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